NOH Sangho (b.1986) is a natural born storyteller, sincere practitioner and bold experimenter. Browsing the Internet and social media daily, the artist diligently collects myriad images of the day to day. NOH reconstructs the fragments selected from an array of images onto carbon paper, which is a medium that represents him as an artist. The works, executed on carbon paper, reveal the artist’s unique perspective on the flexibility of the “image” in the digital era, defined by a flood of images that travel and transform freely across platforms. Furthermore, in an attempt to expand the theme of his work to realizing the three-dimensionality of images, the artist introduces a series of works in which 2D planes and 3D moving images are intertwined organically. NOH, who considers the manner in which his works are presented and consumed to be an essential part of his practice, explores various bold and experimental ways of installation, such as largescale wall hangings and drawings on hangers—reminiscent of a clothing store.


NOH Sangho has held solo exhibitions at various institutions such as Arario Museum in Space (Seoul, Korea) in 2018, SongEun ArtCube (Seoul, Korea) in 2017, and SeMA West Warehouse in 2016 as well as group exhibitions including "Voice" at Isetan The Space (Tokyo, Japan) in 2022, “The 13th Hesitation” at Arario Gallery (Cheonan, Korea) in 2021, “Elsewhere” at Atelier Hermès (Seoul, Korea) in 2020, “POP/corn” at Daegu Art Museum (Daegu, Korea) in 2019, “Summer Love” at SongEun ArtSpace (Seoul, Korea) and “Flip Book” at Ilmin Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea) in 2018, “B-Cut Drawing” at Kumho Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea), and “Layers and Spaces” at MMCA (Gwacheon, Korea) in 2017, “Intuitive Landscape” at Arario Gallery (Seoul, Korea) in 2016, “Young Korean Artists 2014” at MMCA (Gwacheon, Korea) in 2014. The artist participated in an artist residency exchange program between Hungary and Korea (Budapest, Hungary) in 2016 and was the artist-in-residence at the SeMA Nanji Residency (Seoul, Korea) in 2015.