Aono FUMIAKI(b. 1968) collected fragments of objects being annihilated and ruined in one instant, and connected them in unique way and recalls memories. Artist collected ordinary object such as torn cloth, newspaper pieces, broken piece of sign board, destroyed furniture and their vestiges are combined with new objects in the process of reshaping them into new objects. Each collected object is embodied someone's memory in the past, and its memory and nostalgia amplifies as it goes through the artist's hand. Through this process, his work goes beyond transforming or restoring, but it aims to heal, and repair. For instance, it has ‘heal’ and ‘recovery’ message of works that are gathered from Sendai, one of the places suffered from most heavily catastrophe during the 2011 East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami. Objects worn and lost in different places reveal a new kind of solidarity that share by gathering in one place through the artist's hand, reminding a community of past life, suffering and memories. The artist metaphorically conveys this precarious reality to us through his work.

FUMIAKI held solo exhibitions, including Sendai Media Tech (Sendai, Japan) in 2019, Kichijoiji Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan) in 2017, Okinawa Art Center (Okinawa, Japan) in 2015, and Arario Gallery I Seoul (Seoul, Korea) in 2014. He also participated in group exhibition such as Mori Museum of Art (Tokyo, Japan) in 2019, the Arario Gallery I Shanghai in 2017, the Aomori Museum of Art (Tokyo, Japan) in 2016, the Arario Museum I Dongmun (Jeju, Korea) in 2014, Aichi Triennale (Nagoya, Japan) in 2013, Turnaround (Sendai, Japan) in 2012, the Shimane Museum in 2011. Major collections include Miyagi Museum of Art (Japan), Aichi Museum of Art (Japan), 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Japan), Rias Arc Museum (Japan), Machida Museum of Contemporary Art (Japan), and Arario Museum (Korea).