[Exhibition] GWON Osang: HiKR Ground Inaugural Exhibition

A range of sculptural works by GWON Osang are being exhibited at the inaugural exhibition of HiKR Ground. In the exhibition, where the artist has been invited as one of the prominent artists in South Korea, GWON captures the moment in which a two-dimensional flat image is transformed into a three-dimensional sculpture, through his celebrated “Deodorant Type" and "Relief" series.

By combining numerous photos, an analogon of reality, he brings the subject into the three-dimensional space. In this course of representation, new images that reflect both the real and the unreal are born. The sculpture that is installed on a rotating plate to add a three-dimensional effect is a new work created by GWON for this exhibition. The figure presents images that are representative of Korean culture.

GWON Osang
HiKR Art Museum Inaugural Exhibition
HiKR Ground

22 July 2022
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