KOO Jiyoon(b. 1982) completes the work by applying paints on canvas then scraping it away and stacking it up again. The construction site which the artist presents in her work, has in common that a person's face is changeable and intermediate, and the artist actively borrows those characteristics. His abstract painting where formative factors such as lines and surfaces that resemble construction sites and the human expression of anxiety are entangled together by repeating creation and extinction. Through his work, it represents the impulsive and insecure emotional state of the people in contemporary society. The modern society craves new things instead of old values and reacts quickly, it reflects the aspect of our living in this era. Our development and longing, represented by constant noise, artist tranquility painted stilled landscape on the canvas by stepping away from the noise. Ironically, her work gives viewers sort of uneasiness, then returns the noisy mind to a tranquil inner state.


Unlike the balanced color and formative composition of the artist’s paintings, it seems to cause emotions in our hearts and scold us for seeking solace and avoiding reality. By spending more time at her paintings, viewers can read the spirit of the time that people share, and the sympathy that is laid gently. Her straight eyes, witness the changing times, seem to represent what role contemporary painting should be.


KOO Jiyoon held solo exhibitions at Arario Museum in Space (Seoul, Korea) in 2018 and Sarubia Dabang (Seoul, Korea) in 2016. The major group exhibitions that she participated at is "Maybe a Wonderful Place” (Doosan gallery, Seoul, Korea) in 2019, “All over” (Hite Collection, Seoul, Korea) in and "Go Through-and-then"(Zaha Museum, Seoul, Korea) in 2018, “Ugly as Art”(Seoul National University Art Museum, Seoul, Korea) in 2017, "Salon of the Day"(Common center, Seoul, Korea) in 2014, “Subtle Anxiety”(Doosan galley, NY, US) in 2010. He won the Etro Arts Award in 2014 and the “Young Artist Award” hosted by the Bank of Korea in 2013. Her work is part of many significant collections such as the Arario Museum (Korea), the Bank of Korea (Korea), and the Cummins Station (USA).