HAN Jiaquan was born in 1972 in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province in China. He graduated from department of oil painting of the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China, in 1998. He currently works as a lecturer at DongHua University, Shanghai, China. HAN is interested in presenting his works by maintaining each elements unique characteristic but at the same time keeping the aesthetic stance neutral, as the artist sees the neutralizing process as a course of synthesis and adjustment.


HAN Jiaquan’s works involve figures, landscape, and scenery. In the scenes of real life, Han utilizes his unique artistic language and narrative. With intensive and eloquent painterly quality and brushstrokes, the artist conveys the subtle relationships of layers as well. HAN Jiaquan insists on the neutral position when expressing and invoking emotions. In his oeuvre, the scenes are marginalized in untypical, special, contradictory and uncommon personal narratives. This kind of unknown yet familiar space can easily awakened from our forgotten memories, and revisit the moment and the experience. By juxtaposing the natural and the retrained, the exposed and the hidden, the artist balances the conflicts, and attempts to dissolve the ambiguous depiction of emotions on the canvas.


HAN Jiaquan’s works have been shown in several major institutions, including Sooner/Later, SNAP, Shanghai, 2019; Individual project UNDERGROUND, Arario Museum, Tapdong Cinema, Korea, 2018; Ornaments, Arario Gallery, Shanghai, 2018; Voice of China, Arario Gallery, Shanghai, 2017; WE, K11 Museum, Shanghai, 2016; Small is Beautiful, Jewelvary Art & Boutique, Shanghai, 2015; Bloom, Bloom Art space, Shanghai, 2013; Space, M50 Art Space, Shanghai, 2013; Jungle II - A Thriving Morphology, Platform China Contemporary, Beijing; At Sixs and Sevens, Creative Space, M50, Shanghai; Race to the Ground, H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 2007; Mirroring Refined, Nest Gallery, M50, Shanghai, 2006 and more.