Jing Shijian


Jing Shijian’s creation is always full of vitality. By utilizing surrealist techniques to depict mysterious illusions with realist implications, such as landscapes, characters, animals, mirrors, double images and so on. Blending realism, modernism, surrealism, and even magical realism, combining real objects with metaphors or symbolic meanings, eventually the different schools of art and the various creative approaches have been united in the work of Jing Shijian, forming the representative character of his art and his creative vitality. Besides, Jing Shijian insists that it should return to the tradition in this era and he is always full of awe with tradition. Therefore, Jing’s works usually convey the self-consciousness, as well as pursuit and expression in his mind of the oriental culture that he was eager for. His works seem to be full of imagery and casual expression, but hint rational wisdom with a rigorous structure. More significantly, it fully contains the mysterious color and poetic expression of the oriental culture.