ZHU Xiangmin, born in Hunan, China, graduated with MA from Oil Painting Department of China Academic of Art in 2015. He intended to present power and mystery in his paintings, overlapping and covering repeatedly the feelings of different levels into same picture, and at the same time erasing certain parts that are easily done; in this way his artistic language has been efficient and intensive and his original intension transferred and extended, which thus forming the “thickness of sensation”.


ZHU Xiangmin has been actively attended exhibitions, including: Montage/ZZLC, Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou (2020); ZHU Xiangmin/HAM: REBOOT, Arario Gallery, Shanghai(2020); @ALL: Shining Brightly, Mofeimo Gallery, Qingdao (2020); The Body Electric, Leo Gallery, Shanghai (2018); JET LAGGED, Arario Gallery Seoul/RYSE HOTEL, Seoul (2018); Hive·Becoming XXIII An Image, An Eidolon: ZHU Xiangmin Solo Exhibition, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2016); INTER YOUTH International Painting Exhibition, Art Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou (2015), etc.